The STAR WARS ™ Light Vs Dark Side Discovery set

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Discover the "Light Vs Dark Side Discovery Set" – Elevate Your Aromatherapy to Galactic Heights! Dive into a universe of scents with this unique collection inspired by the legendary Star Wars saga, featuring five 50ml oils:

The Force: Channel your inner Yoda with a blend that combines bright Neroli, mystical Oud Wood, and spicy Cardamom, crafting an aroma full of strength, mystery, and elegance.

The Galactic Hope: This scent embodies adventure, courage, and the allure of the unknown. Smooth Resin forms the comforting base, while Seductive Amber adds intrigue. Vintage Wood notes evoke aged spaceships and forgotten tales, captivating the curious soul.

The Duel: Awaken your senses with a scent that transcends time and space. Immerse yourself in the captivating interplay of Santal, exuding an aura of ancient wisdom, while Dim Amber casts a warm glow reminiscent of galaxies' distant flickers. While the Musk notes envelop you in an enigmatic embrace, evoking a sense of anticipation for legendary battles.

The Dark Side: Journey into mystery with this blend, where Sinister Sage, deep Patchouli, and exotic Saffron converge to channel Darth Vader's formidable essence—a scent as commanding and enigmatic as the cosmic force itself.

The Empire: Experience the Empire, where the sweet warmth of toasted Vanilla and the enigmatic spice of Shadow Clove meld into the rich depths of Black Amber. This scent invites a thrilling exploration of allure and heroism with every breath.