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Delivering luxury fragrance through your central heating and cooling system.

Like your favorite luxury hotel, you can scent your space through your HVAC system and deliver a consistent flow of luxurious fragrance. Hotel Collection's waterless scent diffusers use cold air diffusion to create a dry nano-mist from our pure oil blends.

Looking into an HVAC scent diffuser for your home or business?

Discover the benefits of the HVAC fragrance diffusers and how they can scent large and multiple areas.

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"...I use the Villa Scent Diffuser and it is connected to my HVAC system. This is by far the best HVAC scent diffuser. It scents my whole home. I no longer purchase candles and worry about the house catching on fire or plug-ins that just scent a single room. If you are trying to make up your mind, just go for it. Everyone who visits my house compliments how lovely it smells." — Alicia S.

The best HVAC Scent diffusers with the highest quality and performance on the market.

  • Powerful and highly effective scenting systems for large spaces
  • Ultra-quite operation
  • Mist is residue-free and safe for pets, children, and furniture
  • Easy presets and low maintenance
  • Programmable weekly timer
  • Easy installation and technical support is available to help

Easy to install, low maintenance scenting systems.

Contact one of our scenting specialists to learn how easy it is to scent your whole home or business with our HVAC scenting machines.

Here is what our customers have to say

"It took about 30 minutes to install..."

I am very happy with this product. The Villa Scent Diffuser provides adequate scent throughout my house. Within a few minutes of running this diffuser, I noticed the scent coming through the vent. Honestly, this scent diffuser is a game changer for your home.

— Robert C.