Introducing Sakura: A Fragrant Ode to Elegance

Introducing Sakura: A Fragrant Ode to Elegance

Step into a world of refined luxury with our latest scent creation, Sakura. Inspired by the timeless elegance of AMAN® New York, this fragrance is an olfactory journey that envelops you in a luxurious embrace from the very first spritz.

At the forefront of Sakura are invigorating top notes that awaken the senses with a burst of freshness. Zesty lemon dances alongside aromatic cypress, while the ethereal essence of midnight jasmine adds a touch of mystery and allure.

As you delve deeper into the heart of Sakura, a harmonious blend of juniper berries, pink peppercorn, and wild geranium unfolds, creating a symphony of sophistication that captivates the senses.

But it's the base notes of Sakura that truly leave a lasting impression. Amber, agarwood, sandalwood, and sheer musk come together to form an enduring trail of opulence, ensuring that this scent lingers in the air like a refined, timeless memory.

Designed for use in scent diffusers, Sakura transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance and tranquility. Experience the enchantment of Sakura with our new Wireless Studio Pro Scent Diffuser. Effortlessly elevate your sensory experience to new heights with the combination of Sakura's luxurious fragrance and the cutting-edge technology of our Wireless Studio Pro Scent Diffuser.

Indulge in the exquisite allure of Sakura and elevate your surroundings with the essence of sophistication and refinement. Experience the enchantment of AMAN® New York in every breath with Sakura.