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Hotel Collection creates scent marketing strategies that drive profits, build brands, and enhance purchasing behavior. Customer satisfaction is undeniable. They are more likely to recall your brand and remain loyal to it.

When you can influence emotional responses to a space or product, you can influence buying decisions.

Discover how we can help your brand develop a scent marketing strategy.

Our team of experts is prepared to assist you in launching an award-winning scent marketing campaign, from scent consultation to installation and maintenance.

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How does Scent Marketing work?

The limbic system processes our sense of smell, which is located on the same side of the brain that stores emotions and memories. As a result, scents evoke subconscious emotional responses in people.

Nike, Apple, and Starbucks know this and use it to their advantage in order to ensure brand loyalty and higher profits.

Through the art of scent, Hotel Collection builds brands across retail, hospitality, fitness, medicine, and more. Our combined efforts help drive consumer behavior and make lasting impacts on brand perception.

Find out how we can help your brand build a scent marketing strategy.

Using scent marketing strategies can lead to a
increase in sales for some productions.
Customer engagement can be increased by
though the incorporation of scent marketing


Nike Store

Nike found that scent marketing increased the intent purchase in their stores by 84%