1. General. Hotel Collection (“HC”) is offering a 99.95 Studio Pro diffuser (“HC Device”) when you subscribe to a monthly fragrance Pro-Pod subscription for at least 3 months (the “Offer”). There is a limit of 2 99.95 HC Devices per order. HC is under no obligation to make this Offer available at all times. However, if the Offer is available and you take advantage of the Offer, such Offer is subject to these 99.95 Diffuser Terms and Conditions (the “Offer Terms”) as well as the HC Terms of Use, located at https://www.hotelcollection.com/policies/terms-of-service (“Terms of Use”). To the extent that these Offer Terms conflict with the Terms of Use, these Offer Terms will control solely with respect to the Offer. This offer does not include the costs for shipping and taxes.

  2. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Offer, you must subscribe to any Pro-Pod fragrance (“Subscription”) and maintain the Subscription for a period of at least 3 months. You may change the fragrance(s) in your Subscription.

  3. Pricing. As part of your Subscription, the minimum price-per-fragrance on a Pro-Pod subscription is currently $54.95 Plus Tax and Shipping, so your monthly minimum charge would be $54.95 Plus Tax and Shipping. The minimum total cost of fragrances is $164.85 Plus Tax and Shipping. HC reserves the right to determine pricing for fragrances, and therefore minimum price-per-fragrance may go up in the future.

  4. Subscription. Before you pay any fees, you will have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that you will be charged (“Subscription Fees”). All fees are in U.S. Dollars and are non-refundable unless otherwise specifically provided for in these Offer Terms. Your Subscription will renew automatically on a monthly basis and continue until you cancel. The “Subscription Billing Date” is the date when you first purchase your Subscription. Your Subscription will begin on the Subscription Billing Date and continue for 3 months (“Initial Subscription Period”), and will automatically renew for successive 1-month periods (the Initial Subscription Period and each such renewal period, each a “Subscription Period”) unless you cancel the Subscription or HC terminates it. If you activate a Subscription, then you authorize HC or its third-party payment processors to periodically charge, on a going-forward basis and until cancellation of the Subscription, all accrued sums on or before the payment due date. Your account will be charged automatically on the Subscription Billing Date and thereafter on the renewal date of your Subscription for all applicable fees and taxes for the next Subscription Period. HC or its third-party payment processor will bill the periodic Subscription Fee to the payment method associated with your account.

  5. 90-day Cancellation. Customers may request a refund after the passage of 90 days or upon completing three separate fragrance oil subscription billings. However, should a customer elect to terminate their subscription before the expiration of the aforementioned 90-day period, they shall be liable for an early termination fee of $99.00. Any outstanding fragrance fees dispatched before the cancellation shall remain the customer's obligation. To be deemed eligible for a refund, the fragrance must remain unopened, and free from damage.

  6. Early cancellation. In the event of Subscription cancellation after the initial 90-day period but preceding the acquisition of the minimum 3 Pro-Pod fragrances through 3 consecutive monthly payments made punctually, an early termination fee of $99.00 shall be levied. It is pertinent to note that a paused subscription account does not contribute towards meeting the promotional requirements. Subscribers retain the right to cancel or amend their Subscription without additional charges or commitments subsequent to purchasing at least 3 Pro-Pod fragrances from their Subscription.

  7. How to Cancel. You must cancel your Subscription 5 days before it renews in order to avoid billing of the next periodic Subscription Fee to your account. You may cancel the Subscription by emailing support@hotelcollection.com. YOUR CANCELLATION MUST BE RECEIVED 5 DAYS BEFORE THE RENEWAL DATE IN ORDER TO AVOID A CHARGE FOR THE NEXT SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD.

  8. Delinquent Accounts. HC may suspend or terminate a Subscription for any account for which any amount is due but unpaid. In addition to the amount due for a Subscription, a delinquent account will be charged with fees or charges that are incidental to any chargeback or collection of any unpaid amount, including collection fees. If your payment method is no longer valid at the time a renewal Subscription Fee is due, then HC reserves the right to not ship you fragrances until your payment method is valid or delete your account and any information associated with your account without any liability to you.

  9. Offer Modification and Termination. HC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend, or terminate all or part of this Offer. Any Subscriptions in effect at the time the Offer is modified, suspended, or terminated will be subject to the terms and conditions in effect at the time the Subscription was purchased.

  10. Prior Offer. If you opted to participate in the prior offer requiring 6 consecutive payments and a $99 security deposit, the offer will still be honored per the original terms. After the 6 consecutive on-time payments are received, you will be eligible for either your $99 security deposit to be returned via paper check or an online store credit for $250 on www.HotelCollection.com. The store credit is a one time use only credit, and only one per eligible security deposit. The 30-day Cancellation section, 5.i, above applies. If you cancel your Subscription at any time after the first 30 days but prior to purchasing the minimum 6 Pro-Pod fragrances via 6 on-time consecutive monthly payments, you will be charged for the HC Device at its retail price as listed on HC’s website as of the date of your first payment, less a 30% discount, in addition to any outstanding fees for fragrances shipped to you prior to your cancellation. You may cancel or modify your Subscription without further cost or obligation at any time after you have paid for at least 6 Pro-Pod fragrances from your Subscription.