✧ EDITION Hotel®

A Scent Inspired by The EDITION Hotel®, New York | Notes of Blonde Woods, Rose, & Black Fig

Black Velvet_Our Most Alluring Scent Yet_Notes of Black Tea, Bergamot and Bay Leaves

Black Velvet

Let’s take a trip to the city that never sleeps. There’s no place like New York. So full of life, full of adventure, and full of mystery.

Embark on an enchanting journey. There’s a special energy about the sights and sounds of this metropolitan city. You decide to stroll along the sidewalk instead of hailing a cab. Every way you turn you can find a lively party, a glitzy nightclub, or an exclusive lounge. Who knows where the night will take you? Maybe you’ll stumble across a hidden speakeasy.

After an eventful evening, you find your way back to your hotel. The scent of smoky black tea, fresh bergamot and spicy bay leaves hit your nose, creating a hypnotic masterpiece.

Inspired by The EDITION Hotel® in New York, Black Velvet is available as a Deluxe or Classic Candle, Reed Diffuser, Room Spray and Fragrance Oil. Its alluring aroma will transform your space into a magnificent Manhattan flat.