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Interior Home Design Fragrance Pairing

Interior Home Design Fragrance Pairing

Choosing a scent online can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. 

We compiled a list of common home interior designs that work well with our most popular fragrances.

Modern - Black Velvet

  • Neutral tones with pops of accent colors
  • Sleek surfaces like glass, chrome and metal
  • Minimal furniture and décor
  • Airy open spaces
  • Industrial touches
  • Cool atmosphere

Eclectic - November Rain

  • Free spirited, colorful and fun
  • Blend of old and new styles
  • Detail-oriented patterns
  • Mix and match furniture
  • Cool atmosphere

Traditional - Sweetest Taboo

  • Rich and luxurious woods
  • Classic American home styles popular in the 2000s
  • Warm atmosphere

Art Deco - Mystify

  • Defined as a pastiche of styles brought on during the industrial revolution
  • Stylized and geometric forms
  • Decorative, extravagant style
  • Man-made materials 
  • Pop art influences
  • Cool atmosphere

Farmhouse - 24K Magic

  • Simple and clean, yet rustic
  • Exposed raw wooden features
  • Open concept floor plan
  • Natural materials and cozy charm
  • Warm atmosphere

Bohemian - My Way

  • A mix of different cultures, with Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern influences
  • Laid back and based off nature
  • Warm atmosphere

Coastal - California Love

  • Bright whites and beige paired with hues of green and blue
  • Bright and breezy
  • Textures like wicker and jute
  • Cool atmosphere

Hollywood Glam - Midnight in Paris

  • An extravagant mix of art deco and mid-century modern
  • High glamor décor and fixtures
  • High contrast color combinations
  • Chandeliers and mirrors
  • Cool atmosphere

Southwestern - Desert Rose

  • Desert influences
  • Deep hues of rust, terracotta and cactus green
  • Warm atmosphere