Plan Your Ideal Relaxation Day | Outdoor Picnic Edition

    As the weather heats up, take your staycation outdoors with our dreamy picnic set up. 

    Picnics can be great for an intimate gathering, no matter the guest list. Slow days outdoors with loved ones allow us to relax and rejuvenate, make thoughtful memories, and spend time cherishing one another. 

    No matter whether you’re taking the picnic on the go or setting up in your backyard, create the ideal outdoor lounge day with a curated Hotel Collection experience.

    What you’ll need:

    A Location

    Anywhere can be ideal for a picnic, whether it be a grassy field, rooftop, mountainside, beach, lake, or even a shady spot in your own backyard.

    A Setup to Settle Into

    Create your space with lounge chairs, a hammock, several blankets laid out, pillows, a table, umbrellas, and some bouquets of flowers.

    A Mood Enhancer

    Light up the ambiance with candles. We suggest an array of candle sizes to add dimension. Incorporate several Deluxe Candles and Classic or Gatsby Candles for the perfect aura. 

    A Simplistic Packing Experience

    Travel lightly. Optimize your storage for snacks and beverages with a cooler and picnic basket. 

    A Good Summer Wine

    Our go-to's for the season are Chardonnay 10 and Rosé 29Spruce up your bottle with one of our recipes, found in our Hosting section. 

    Complete your wine with our glassware line.

    A Cheese Board

    Finger foods are essential for picnics! Put together a simple yet delicious board, using our Slate Charcuterie Board Set.

    A Game or Activity

    Bring some fun picnic must-haves, like a deck or card, chess, musical instruments and/or a portable speaker, journals, books, and arts & crafts. Depending on where you set up camp, incorporate some swimming and hiking into your experience.