Incorporating Minimalism In Your Home

Incorporating Minimalism In Your Home

Minimalism: The ability to simplify without losing quality.

Hotel Collection is synonymous with minimalism, with its understated logos, refreshingly simplistic ingredient lists, and one memo: to bring the hotel home to you.

Home Scenting Shouldn’t be Complicated...

Ditch big, bulky oil diffusers and scent effectively with the Scent Diffuser. These lightweight, compact machines were designed to be portable and easily hidden from view with their sleek and narrow shape. Tuck yours behind couches, desks, and televisions or display it as a side table centerpiece.

Your Whole-home Scenting Secret Stays Safe with Us.

Hotel Collection is a safe haven for those looking for concentrated scenting solutions without the harsh chemical add-ins. 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free; each Hotel Collection Fragrance Oil blend provides an uncomplicated approach to scenting. All H.C products are safe to use around children, pets, artwork, and furniture.

With so much noise around us, tune out the world to create a tranquil oasis at home with our most relaxing scents, Dream On and California Love

Similar to Modern Design…

Minimalism focuses on a monochromatic color palette with limited patterns and textures. 

Another good measure to ensure your home feels spacious is through the absence of graphic elements. Opting for more natural, subjective art can be a useful tool in the minimization of your home décor. 

Often, this style can be successfully achieved with thoughtful intention behind what items are in a home and where they are placed. It is essentially, all about maximizing negative spaces within your home so it feels spacious and airy.

Find Your Focal Piece

Another aspect of minimalism is removing items to give way to the design pieces of focus. This involves decluttering your space of unnecessary items; which at times, can seem frankly impossible.

Focal pieces can range from flowers and sculptures to minimal scenting accessories, like Candles, Hourglass Diffusers, and Reed Diffusers. No matter how you stylize your space, keep in mind that less is probably more (in the case of minimalism).

Hourglass Diffusers make for an excellent conversation starter situated on a side table. Its sleek and modern design is an artful scenting strategy. 

Reed Diffusers are suitable for small spaces; atop your bathroom counter, makeup vanity, or inside a closet. 

Carefully placed Candles throughout the home allow for minimal light to cast on walls, adding a level of dimension and an inviting element to any home.

Declutter and Decompress

Having a clean home is not only a privilege but a luxury. Time easily gets away from all of us and maintaining a neat home may feel like a project you are always chipping away at. 

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and designing your home to better fit your needs takes time too. To prevent burnout, don’t stress yourself out with frantic cleaning. Doing little chores to tidy up throughout the week allows for some relaxation time on your weekend itinerary.

The point of minimalism is to prevent clutter from becoming buildable.

It’s best to sort through one room at a time. It’s also best to sort through one pile at a time. Doing so allows you to measure the value each item has in your home.

After you have decluttered, reposition your home décor and take a step back to check out your new space. So light a candle and pour yourself a glass of Hotel Collection wine, as you let your new atmosphere wash over you.