The Perfect Scenting Solution for Yachts & Jets

The Perfect Scenting Solution for Yachts & Jets

The Hotel Collection Villa Scent Diffusers can fragrance much more than the average home or apartment.

Using cold-air diffusion technology, the Villa releases a fine mist of dry, cool fragrance that permeates the air for an ambient scenting experience, with over 1,800 square foot coverage.

With HVAC-compatibility, the Villa is our most immersive whole-space scenting solution. You can even take your favorite scent on the open road with our long-lasting, residue-free Room Sprays, meant to freshen up fabrics with an irresistible fragrance.

A hotel-quality atmosphere is achievable at home or at work, even on the water or in the air

Submerse you and your travel buddies' senses in the luxurious design of our signature scents.

Whether onboard an open-ocean rendezvous or flying on the company's Legacy 600, Hotel Collection will always bring the hotel experience directly to you.


State of the art scents inspired by top of the line hotels and resorts

Fresh and clean scents can eliminate strong odors on boats, leaving in its wake an immersive olfactory experience. Whether you aim to soothe guests or engage them, Hotel Collection's signature scents can ensure a luxuriously getaway in whichever fashion you desire.

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Air travel fairs better with lighter, dreamier fragrances to relax and assist your guests into a peaceful slumber. For open-sky scenting, we recommend using our more aroma-therapeutic scents.

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Most HVAC-compatible scenting technologies require assistance from a heating and air conditioning specialist to set up. Our customer support team can assist you with any questions you may have. 

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