Create a Hygge Home this Fall

The Scandinavian Tradition of Hygge

Hygge (pronounced "hoo-guh") is a Danish term referring to creating and enjoying a warm, cozy atmosphere with loved ones. Imagine a cool autumn night spent with your closest friends and family, watching movies and eating fresh-baked cookies. That’s hygge. But it can be found in our everyday lives too. Enjoying a warm beverage on a rainy day or relaxing on the couch to read a book are both simple pleasures that create the feeling of hygge. It’s a concept words alone cannot do justice.

Fall and winter are the most hygge times of the year, so we’ve curated a list of our favorite ways to create a hygge home. 

Light a Scented Candle
Light Candles
Get rid of the harsh light in your home, and enjoy the subtle glow from a candle or two… or three… or four. A Danish person will tell you that candles are the most important part of creating a hygge home. Choose from our selection of candles inspired by 5-star hotels to transform your space into the perfect escape.
Enjoy a Warm Meal Like Soup, Pasta or Stew
Eat Your Favorite Comfort Food
Whether it’s mac & cheese, chicken pot pie, spaghetti & meatballs, or anything else, a warm meal is certain to make you feel comfy and cozy. And the best part is sharing this experience with loved ones. So, enjoy a homemade meal, order in, or dine at a restaurant. Whatever feels the most hygge to you.
 Sip On a Warm Beverage Like Hot Chocolate
Sip On a Warm Beverage
Enjoying a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or even apple cider is an easy way to incorporate hygge into your everyday. If your schedule is packed, you can still take a moment to savor your favorite drink. Though it’s a simple gesture, it can bring some pleasure to an ordinary day.
Eat Dinner and Have a Game Night with Friends and Family
Spend Time with Loved Ones
Hygge is more than just being comfy. One of the most crucial aspects is spending these cozy moments with your closest friends and family. So, pull out your favorite board games, make a charcuterie board and enjoy an intimate gathering on a stormy day.