6 Best Scents for Spring Cleaning | Room Sprays & Oil Diffusers

The time of the year has come to give your home the deep cleaning reset it deserves.

First, follow our How to Make Your Space Smell like a Luxuriously Good Hotel blog post for advice on how to remove unwanted odors. Next, take a tip or two from our Incorporating Minimalism in Your Home blog post to tidy up your space. Once all that is said and done, you are ready to give your home the fresh breath of scent that it deserves.

Our Spring Scents

Springtime brings on an abundance of new, like the blossoming of flowers and ripening of fruit. 

Discover the blooming notes of:

    It's time for some natural air freshener with Hotel Collection.

    Give your fabrics a boost of love with Room Sprays, meant to be sprayed directly on couches, bedding, comforters, linens, clothes, pillows, rugs, curtains, and more.


    With several Diffusers to choose from, there's one designed for every sized space. Use this blog, Which Diffuser is Right for Your Home, to decide which Diffuser is perfect for you.