A Scent Inspired by the Hotel Costes®, Paris | Notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, & Amber

Midnight in Paris

Take a stroll through the City of Light. Evocative of the world’s most romantic city, this warm and spicy fragrance inspired by the Hotel Costes® in Paris will spark your sultry side. Midnight in Paris exudes a passionate blend of rich sandalwood, warm nutmeg and spicy sweet incense. This combination sparks a seductive buzz in the air. Check-in and surround yourself with Parisian romance.

Located in the center of Paris, Hotel Costes is known for its cozy elegance and evanescent glamor. For those that relax all day at the spa and order room service in the middle of the night, Midnight in Paris curates the ultimate atmosphere.

Best used with a creased leather book, red wine or tea, and fireplace. Allow this fragrance to envelop your senses and transport you to this five-star hotel, star-studded bar and courtyard café.

Discover the plush opulence of Midnight in Paris as a Room SprayReed DiffuserDeluxe or Classic Candle, or as a Fragrance Oil paired with one of our three Diffusers.