Why Your Brand Needs Scent Marketing

Why Your Brand Needs Scent Marketing

Did you know that you can elevate your brand with the subtle introduction of scent marketing?

Some may find it surprising that something as relatively simple as scent could benefit a business financially as well as overall customer value.

Smell is our strongest of the five senses and is directly tied to memory recognition, creativity, and emotions, thanks to evolution. There are countless backed psychological studies to explain how scent impacts customer behavior.

Whether you own a salon, boutique, spa, hotel, gym, medical office, or museum; or are a realtor, art curator, personal trainer, therapist, or nail-tech; your business can always benefit from the addition of scent.

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Why scent marketing works

Studies have proven that bad odors cause people to view things more negatively and to have less patience. On the flip side (of a reed diffuser), enjoyable fragrances can boost moods and influence behavior.

Increase customer retention: Elongates a customer's linger time while shopping and entices larger purchase amounts. Over time, subtle scent has proven to increase store traffic and sales.

Increase brand identity and loyalty: The customer experience and overall perceived brand value is significantly improved as customers subconsciously resonate with your brand more.

Well-known brands that utilize scent marketing

Think Hollister in the mid-2000s or Starbucks consistent roasted-coffee aroma. Brands identify themselves to customers with unique branding on all fronts. Imagine scent marketing as an invisible logo for your brand: something distinguishable, enjoyable, and memorable.

What scent works for your brand?

Scent alters the way in which customers interact with your products and services. Use clean, non-complex scents to boost customer’s moods and entice them to visit again.

Finding a scent that speaks directly to your brand goal or vision is key. You want something that authentically resonates with your company or line of work.

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First, describe your ideal or average customer. Are they younger or older? Mostly female or male? Do they have a niche interest or an affinity for something in particular?

Next, decide what scent compliments your customer.

Finally, find out a strategic scenting method. Would your storefront benefit from the ambient atmosphere that candles and reed diffusers provide, or is the strategic placement of a scent diffuser in your HVAC system more your speed? 

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Why Storeowners Should Invest in an ISK

The Interactive Scenting Kiosk (ISK) is our most-innovative scent diffuser yet! With a 43" LCD touch-screen display, this scent diffuser can play videos, serve as a digital photo or NFT frame, and even allow customers to purchase products. This diffuser is suitable for any location, from homes to spas to hotel lobbies

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