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Loves Notes | Our Most Romantic Products

Loves Notes | Our Most Romantic Products

Valentine’s Day is about intentions; intentions like commitment, loyalty, keeping romance alive, and showing up for your special someone. Words sometimes cannot express how love makes us feel. It is through actions that we devote ourselves to one another.

Some rules to live by when you’re in love:

Love is in the details,

Like Midnight in Paris’ hypnotic blend of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, nutmeg, rose, clove, patchouli, and lemon.

Love takes you deeper,

Like the rich body of our Roja Wine Set.

Love is cherishing,

Wrapped up in the delicate floral notes and subtle spice of oud wood and vetiver in Desert Rose.

Love is patient,

Because nothing can replace life’s little moments. Light a Deluxe Candle and make time for each other. 

Love is promising; of a tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

Give the gifts that keep on giving, like a Room Spray, so you can linger in their embrace even when you’re not around.