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The Scent Collections as Zodiac Signs

The Scent Collections as Zodiac Signs

12 Scent Collections, 12 Horoscopes.

Discover which H.C Scent Collection we envision for your Zodiac sign!

Aries x My Way

Aries energy is individualistic, bold, and brave. The sign that likes to be #1 pairs perfectly with our best-selling #1 Scent Collection: My Way

Taurus x Dream On

Those with their sign in Taurus are grounded, reliable, and graceful. They enjoy relaxation, serene environments, soft sounds, soothing aromas, perfect for our Scent Collection: Dream On.


Gemini x Mystify

Geminis hold the ability to juggle many interests at once. They are playful social butterflies that are carefree, light-hearted, quick-witted, and charming; perfect for our Scent Collection: Mystify.

Cancer x California Love

Cancers are emotional, a bit mysterious, and in tune with their senses. They relax near water, release through creative outlets, prefer harmony, and peace, like our Scent Collection: California Love.

Leo x Cabana

Leos are spirited and bright, like fire. They are enlivened by passion and the spotlight; and have bright, warm and energetic personalities like the Scent Collection: Cabana.

Virgo x 24k Magic 

Virgo is logical and loyal with a deep-rooted presence in the material world. Strong character traits and a desire for success bring zest to their life, just like our Scent Collection: 24k Magic.

Libra x Garden Tea

Libra is fixated by harmony and balance. Often elegant, graceful, and sociable people with an artistic flair, like our Limited-edition Garden Tea (only available as a Classic and Deluxe candle).

Scorpio x Black Velvet

Scorpios, with incredible passion and power, are often misunderstood for their complexity and mystery. Seen as intense, mysterious, and seductive just like our Scent Collection: Black Velvet.

Sagittarius x Midnight in Paris

Sagittarius are adventurous and expansive. Full of enthusiasm and generosity, these spirits like to travel and be free just like our Parisian-based Scent Collection: Midnight in Paris.

Capricorn x Desert Rose

Capricorn is deep and wise. Relentless and strong-willed, they are also honest and steadfast like our noncomplex formula in the Scent Collection: Desert RoseAvailable as a subscription oil-only. Sign Up/Login to manage subscriptions.

Aquarius x Sweetest Taboo

Aquarius are larger-than-life, independent, eccentric, and spontaneous by nature, similar to the essence of Las Vegas, which is the inspiration for our Scent Collection: Sweetest Taboo.

Pisces x November Rain 

Pisces represent duality and are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, and wise. A constant desire to escape reality, perfect for our Scent Collection: November Rain. Available as a subscription oil-only. Sign Up/Login to manage subscriptions.