Aromatherapy | Scents To Help You Sleep

Aromatherapy | Scents To Help You Sleep

Sleep… Something we all need. But in today’s hectic world, quality slumber is something that is often hard to achieve. Even when your head hits the pillow, you’re likely to have the stresses of the day whizzing around in your brain.Sleep-inducing aromas could be the answer.

Fragrances have been used for millennia to help us humans get the ZZZ’s we need to function.

And thanks to lots of research, we now understand the reasons why certain scents help us relax. The National Sleep Foundation says that what you breathe during your unconscious hours has a huge effect on how you approach the following day, which is why home scenting can be so advantageous for all of us.

Look at all the healthy sleep-inducing power the following scents bring:


Reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and reduces allergy symptoms. 

Found in: Sweetest Taboo, Mystify24K MagicBlack Velvet, Midnight in Paris, & California Love


Lowers nervous stress and tension, eases pain and helps the body relax.


Found in: Desert RoseBlack Velvet


Reduces your cortisol levels and lowers stress.



Found in: 24K Magic & Black Velvet


Improves sleep quality, prolongs deep sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, and improves daytime alertness.

Found in: Black Velvet


Soothes mental state and anxiety. Can lower heart rate.


Found in: California Love & November Rain


Increases drowsiness and helps ease sleep disturbances.


Found in: My Way, Dream On, & Midnight in Paris

Fragrance expert, Hotel Collection, has created a range of wonderful sleep-aiding scents, each made from a specifically created combination of products scientifically proven to aid sleep. These delightful home scenting options gently massage your senses and help prepare your body for sleep. In addition, breathing in the fragrances during slumber continues the positive sleep-inducing effects, meaning you wake refreshed and revitalized.

If It’s Good Enough For The Westin Hotel…

Then it’s good enough for us. Dream On combines the well-known influence of sandalwood with the cleansing and healing aromas of aloe vera and white tea. Inspired by the global Westin Hotel, this is a beautifully subtle scenting option for those who want to lift their mood and ensure they wake invigorated for the day ahead.

The Soul Soother

Soothe your soul and get a good night's sleep with Black Velvet; a deliciously scented fragrance combining the stress-relieving powers of bergamot and rose.

With home fragrance systems such as Scent Diffusers and Reed Diffusers, it’s simple to ensure the right atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.

After all, in the 21st century we’re all expected to be superheroes, but even superheroes need to recharge. Aiding your beauty sleep with soothing fragrances designed to rock you into slumber is the secret weapon you need. And sweet, scent-induced dreams are the best ones of all…

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