Scent Your Home Just Like the Hotels Do with Nano Mist Diffuser Technology

HOme decor that smells good | Make your space smell like a luxury hotel

Why do hotels smell so good?

Have you ever walked into a hotel and noticed an alluring aroma in the air? Whether it’s a fresh, woodsy, sweet, or indescribable scent, there’s something about it that is simply irresistible. The top luxury hotel chains, such as Westin® Hotels and W Hotels®, use the power of scent to brand themselves.

Just like how certain music can make us feel motivated, blue, or peaceful, scent can trigger emotions. With this in mind, 5-star hotels pipe their own signature fragrances throughout the building, instantly increasing the quality of how customers perceive their experience there.

You can enjoy scent at home too!

Now, you can make home smell just like your favorite 5-star hotel. The Hotel Collection Studio Diffuser utilizes innovative cold-air diffusion technology to turn our Fragrance Oils into a dry nano-mist, which stays suspended in the air longer and offers more coverage without altering the smell. This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue-free and safe for pets, children and furniture.

Follow along with our diffuser set-up instruction videos on our Youtube account.

Give yourself and your guests the red-carpet treatment as decadent fragrance fills the air, transforming your space into an exquisite escape. We also offer more immersive scenting solutions, like the Penthouse Diffuser, Villa Diffuser, and Presidential Diffuser.

Head over to our F.A.Q page for more information on nano-mist technology.