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The Perfect Scent for Every Room

The Perfect Scent for Every Room

Fill Your Home with Fragrance & Find:

  • Which Hotel Collection Scenting Product to use in every size room of your home
  • Which Hotel Collection Fragrance elevates every room in your house


Scents in this room should not overstimulate the mind, but rather relax you and prepare you for slumber. Create a dreamy, serene sanctuary with dim lit candles or a scent diffuser. This comes down to stylistic preference as well as the size of the space.

You can light several Candles throughout a space, but don’t go overboard. The general rule of thumb is to follow The 8-10 Rule, meaning place one 8 ounce candle for every 10 square feet in a room to ensure the fragrance permeates the room equally. 

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However, if this room gets drafty, a Studio Scent Diffuser or Reed Diffuser serves the same purpose. For larger bedrooms, scent up to 1,100 square feet with our Penthouse Diffuser

Hotel Collection recommendations:


Compact spaces obviously need less scenting power to get the same result. 

Try incorporating the Hourglass Diffuser in these spaces. This compact, sleek design would look elegant situated atop a dresser. As you open and close the door to the closet, it gently wafts fresh air, aerating the machine to release more scent. Freshen up towels, linens, bedding, and clothes with the Room Spray version of your favorite fragrance.

Hotel Collection recommendations:

Hallways & Stairwells

Reed Diffusers serve as an excellent scenting product in high traffic areas with good air circulation (like interior doorways, hallways or bathrooms). This allows for the fragrance to disperse evenly throughout a space. Of course, you can have it in less-visited rooms too, like a guest room, but be sure to flip the reeds more often so they can scent rooms effectively. Our Reed Diffusers send a cold throw of around 300 square feet. 

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Freshen up hallways and stairwells with rich wood-based notes, like oud wood, cedarwood, and sandalwood. You don’t want to overwhelm small spaces and guests as they enter your home, so opt for more subtle and calming scents.

Hotel Collection recommendations: 

  1. Black Velvet
  2. California Love


Whether you're taking a steamy luxe bath, this room deserves the utmost attention when it comes to fragrance. Bathrooms were meant for Classic Candles, the dim lighting signals to your brain that it is night time, and helps you settle down into the evening. 

Spritz your towels and linens with the Room Spray version of your favorite fragrance so when you get out of the tub, you can continuously harmonize your senses. 

Air out your bathroom with strong, fresh scents - like mint, bergamot, citrus fruits, mixed spices, tropical and floral. 

Hotel Collection recommendations:

Living Room

As the foundation of your home, allow this place to shine bright. This room serves as a lively mixed space, equal parts entertaining and recreation. Since you probably spend a lot of down time on your couch, this room needs the most love! 

Living rooms are the perfect space to display candles, as the dim lights elevate a binge-TV marathon or cozy night in with a novella and hot cup of tea. For larger spaces, incorporate an array of candles sizes, from our 55oz. Deluxe Candles to 3oz votives in our Discovery Candle Set throughout to give your space a glowy, dreamy feel. You can also spritz a Room Spray 4-5 times on pillows, throw blankets, and furniture!

Complete large rooms, up to 1800 square feet, with our Villa Diffuser.

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For clean and fresh shared spaces, try fragrances with herb and fruit ingredients. For an added sense of warmth and depth, go for deeper and richer notes like amber and cardamom.

Hotel Collection recommendations: 

Kitchen & Dining Room 

There is usually a lot of movement in kitchens, as people come and go to grab snacks and beverages. Keep away from candles, as they pose a fire hazard.

The Studio Diffuser is a safe fire-free scenting tool that can aromate rooms at around 400 square feet. Opt. for the Penthouse Diffuser for spaces at around 1,100 square feet, the Villa Diffuser for 1,800 square feet, or the Presidential Diffuser for 3,000 square feet.

    As the center of most homes, you do not want to overwhelm these spaces with too many aromas, as studies have proven that your sense of smell impacts the taste of foods. Make sure the fragrance you choose does not negatively impact mealtime. However, you certainly do not want dense lingering smells wafting around after every rendezvous with the stove.

    It’s best to scent a room while cleaning up post-meal versus scenting this space while still cooking or eating. Add a Deluxe Candle to your dining table for an awe-inspiring centerpiece as your guests wait for desert.

    Keep the kitchen fresh and clean! To neutralize the odors of cooking, especially strong scents like meats and fish, douse your kitchen in sharp scents, with herbal and citrus ingredients, to cut through the most pungent of smells.

    Hotel Collection recommendations: 

    V.I.P Fact:

    Kitchen needs a little extra scenting power? Try leaving a bowl of vinegar or baking soda on the counter overnight to dissipate remaining cooking odors and neutralize your space.