Introducing Our Limited-Edition Candles

Introducing Our Limited-Edition Candles

Garden Tea

Inspired by: The Peninsula Hotel® Garden, Beverly Hills

Bask in the garden of freshly picked blackcurrant, cassis, and lively Bulgarian rose, combined with a hint of bergamot and ambergris, to create an alluringly fresh and fruity scent. Canopy your senses in this irresistible botanical fragrance. Garden Tea will leave you feeling rejuvenated and divine. 

This lush, botanical blend takes your senses away to secluded Beverly Hills villas, with poolside cabana service and a lux tea party on the rooftop garden. Garden Tea is featured in an opal iridescent vessel to add a playful ambiance to any space.

Now in our 11oz Classic and 55oz Deluxe candle vessels. This scent is only available for a limited time!

V.I.P Fact

One of Garden Tea's top notes is the Bulgarian Rose - known for its full blossoming flowers and unique aroma. The climate conditions among the southern slopes of the Balkan range and Sredna Gora mountain are perfect for growing the beautiful Bulgarian Rose... so perfect that the region is known as "The Rose Valley".

Did you know that to make just one milligram of pure rose essential oil, you would need 50,000 individual petals? This is equivalent to around 1,500 roses or 7 pounds of rose petals!