How to Style Shelves, Vanities, & Coffee Tables

How to Style Shelves, Vanities, & Coffee Tables

The key to displaying is time. Never rush to fill your space, or you will be left with a space that feels inauthentically Y-O-U.

Ditch basic "Ikea showroom” pieces and create a home that truly defines your sense of self and style. Make every purchasing choice something that defines an aspect of you or who you want to become. Decorating carefully and with thoughtful intentions will allow you to pull together the entire home’s interior design aesthetic.

When choosing shelf décor, first pick a few colors that complement each other and be sure to balance the colors throughout. 

In line with our Incorporating Minimalism blog post, it’s best to declutter to display only your best-kept mementos and stylized pieces. There is so much more to bookshelves then well, books.

Home Décor Staples You Need This Spring

First choose books that resonate with you. The key here is to only showcase your favorite titles. This allows for negative space on your shelves to balance out the overall display. If you’re unsure what books to include, start collecting books from your favorite luxury fashion houses, famous photographers and artists, and cookbooks. Finalize your collection with some classic American literature, nonfictions, scripts, poetry, and novellas.

Greenery is a must on shelving. While shelving typically does not get direct light, natural herbaceous elements stack up well on shelves.

Try incorporating a vase of dried flowers and cattails, live plants that require minimal lighting, and woven storage baskets to complement these spaces. Keep scrolling to see the prettiest plants and petals we'd pick.

Architectural Art: Shelves are a dynamic way to display your treasures. Art is subjective and bookshelf staples can vary from modern sculptures like Dan Lam, Kaws and Bear Bricks, to more classic art fixtures like Hermès plates and Yayoi Kusama vases. Shelves can also be enhanced by framed paintings and photographs. 


Finally, incorporate sleek Hotel Collection scenting solutions, like a Reed Diffuser or Hourglass Diffuser to balance your shelves and provide the final touch of aroma to any space. Be sure to place diffusers atop a steady surface to catch potential oil droplets and prevent a mess.

Personalize your coffee table with pieces that read like you

Cultural staple on all things that present themselves well inside the pages of a book, publishing house Assouline is known for its incredible collection of hardcover coffee table books, featuring the likes of luxury fashion houses, global destinations hubs, and famed artists. Other stylized pieces to complete your collection might include the Tom Ford 002, Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style, Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury, Vogue: The Covers, and Marc Jacobs: Unseen 1994-2021.

Situate a 11oz Classic Candle atop a pile of carefully chosen coffee table reads for a natural ambiance and glow.

For unique out of this world perspectives, check out "Andy Warhol Polaroids 1958-1987". Add space-inspired elements to your tables and shelves with the hardcover Sun and Moon: A Story of Astronomy, Photography and Cartography by Mark Holborn... Or dive deep with The Waves Between by James Midwinter or The Ocean: A Decorative Book.

Be sure to bring life to your table or vanity with a live plant or bouquet of fresh flowers. Our current favorite vase-worthy botanicals are Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise), peonies, and lilies. The most popular plants on the internet in 2022 so far are foliage houseplants, like Bromeliad, Philodendrons, ferns, money trees, snake plants, and variations of palms.

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