How to Turn Your Home into the Hotel Spa | At-Home Spa-Day Essentials

Turn Your Home Into the Hotel Spa_At-Home Spa Day Summertime
We all need a break from our busy lives once in a while, and a day spent at the spa sounds like the perfect way to unwind. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the most realistic pastime.  Whether it’s too costly or even too far of a drive, a trip to the spa can feel more like a fantasy than anything else.

Recreate that same tranquil experience at home with beautifully-crafted wine and fragrances. By stimulating each of the 5 senses, you can turn any space into a luxurious hotel spa.



Decorate with Eucalyptus for your at-home spa day

Decorate with plants.

Adding a eucalyptus plant to your décor is a great way to liven up the space. Its beautiful green leaves can emulate the natural elements found in most luxury spas. As a bonus, the fresh, clean aroma of eucalyptus promotes relaxation.
Put on a Plush Robe for Your Spa Day this Summer

Put on a cozy robe.

Spoil your skin with the sensual feel of a velvety silken robe. Take off your sweatpants or old pajamas and change into something that makes you feel special.
Pour a glass of wine or a cocktail for your spa day

Concoct a cold beverage.

A spa-day essential! You can make a ritzy cocktail, a fresh iced tea, a fruity smoothie, or pop open a bottle of Hotel Collection wine. The options are endless when choosing your indulgent drink.
Please drink responsibly. Must be 21 years or older to purchase wine.
Play relaxing music on a speaker for your spa day

Play peaceful music.

Whether you enjoy instrumental songs, the sounds of waves crashing, or R&B music, relaxing tunes are a must. Drown out the rest of the world and set the mood with your favorite calming sounds.
the Dream On Candle is the perfect spa scent

Light your favorite candle.

No spa is complete without the romantic lighting from a decadent array of candles. Their pleasant aromas fill the room with scent, allowing you to relax your mind, body and spirit. You’ll love the Dream On Candle, with notes of delicate white tea, calming aloe vera and woodsy cedar. Inspired by Westin® Hotels, this relaxing fragrance will provide the finishing touch.

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