Candle Care 101 | How to Fix Candle Tunneling

Candle Care 101 | How to Fix Candle Tunneling

Did you know candles have a memory?

Or at least its wax does. Just like first impressions, the first burn of a freshly purchased candle is crucial. Have you ever noticed when a candle’s wax begins to look lopsided in a vessel, like the wax melted on an angle or is creating a deep crater in the center around the wick?

This is called tunneling and occurs when your candle forms an uneven memory ring. 

Even out your candle wax with these two methods:

The Blow Dryer Method

This method is great for when a light memory ring begins to form. If you ignore a memory ring for too long, it will continue to create a deep tunneling effect. 

Turn your blow dryer on high heat and warm the top of your candle. Keep a good distance so the wax does not spit out of the vessel as it melts. This process should take no more than 15 minutes. Simply melt the top layer of the wax until it has a  smooth surface.

Once complete, allow your candle to fully harden, approximately 4 hours, before lighting it. This gives the wax time to adjust completely to its new form.

The Tinfoil Method

Cover the top of the candle with a layer of aluminum foil. Cut a small opening in the center of the foil, around one inch. Remove the foil to light the candle, then carefully place the foil back around the candle vessel. 

After it burns for a few hours, you will notice the top surface of wax evens out.

V.I.P Fact

The wick is the carrier that brings heat to the wax. The wax melts, like fuel, to aerate the candle's unique fragrance throughout a space. Wick trimmers assist you in creating a more consistent, even burn. Keeping a wick trim, around 1/4 of an inch, ensures an even burn, prolonged candle life, and limits how much soot is released into the air.