Fall into Luxury with these Fall Fragrances

Fall into Luxury with these Fall Fragrances

Autumn is around the corner and that means it’s time to turn over a new leaf with the H.C Limited-Edition Seasonal Scents Collection.

Fall into Luxury; curated to compose your home for cozy autumn days.

Depending on where you live, Autumn can put a chill in the air. Crisp fresh scents work well as you ditch the flip-flops for boots and transition from open windows and air conditioners to furnaces and fresh logs in the fireplace.

‘Tis the season to swap out your favorite Hotel Collection scent for something more reminiscent of autumn.

Apple | Cinnamon | Nutmeg

This scent makes us feel nostalgic, with its warm and inviting scent of baked apples topped with cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. Will have your guests thinking you went apple picking and made your grandmother’s stovetop apple cider recipe. 


Pumpkin | Cinnamon | Nutmeg

Inhale the warmth, like sipping a steaming cup of coffee on your porch, as you watch the world frost over. Spiced Pumpkin is the perfect scent to welcome the Fall season. This warm and cozy fragrance smells of baked pumpkin simmering in cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg. Inspired by autumn baking favorites.



Vanilla Brûlée

Vanilla | Cinnamon | Birchwood

Experience the sweet side of Fall with Vanilla Brûlée. A treat for your senses, this fragrance is filled with rich and creamy vanilla and notes of cinnamon. The birchwood and chai base creates a scent tempting enough to eat. 


As the cold weather creeps up in the winter, heat up your home with the warmer scents in this collection like…

Cedar | Sage | Winterberry

Transport yourself to your favorite Fall destination with Autumn Pine. Take off your cable knit sweater and scarf to enjoy this autumn indoor oasis. As the leaves begin to fall outside, warm up indoors with warm notes of cedar, sage, and fir balsam and crisp notes of orange and winterberry. Will have you hooked all season long.



Farmhouse Spice 
Pumpkin | Brown Sugar | Mandarin

Harvest a cozy home ambiance with a savory blend of candied pumpkin, brown sugar, and vanilla, resting atop notes of clove, cedar, and mandarin for a subtle element of spice and citrus.