The Chauffeur Car Diffuser

The Chauffeur Car Diffuser

Drive Your Vacation Mindset with the Chauffeur Car Diffuser

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Upgrade your driving experience without having to lift a finger. The Chauffeur Car Diffuser detects movement to automatically turn on and off with your vehicle. It enters a “stand by” state when the car is off, meaning it will not diffuse to conserve battery and scenting oil.

The sleek and minimal design flawlessly integrates with your car's interior to provide discrete scenting. This portable stand-alone diffuser can also be adhered in place on dashboards to stay and scent in place.

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How to Use 

  1. While the diffuser is powered off, unscrew the bottom metal cover. Unscrew the diffuser refill bottle by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. Remove the cap of your Hotel Collection oil cartridge and place the cotton core into the whole. Screw in the oil cartridge by turning clockwise.
  3. Press and hold the multi-function button for 3 seconds to turn your Diffuser on. Once on, press once more to adjust your scent intensity.
  4. The intensity-level indicator lights will appear and show the current setting. The number of lights showing will reference the 5 different intensity options. Continue to press the multi-function button until you reach the desired setting (We recommend setting 3 for daily usage).



  • Place the diffuser on a flat surface near a vent (We recommend in the cup holder or on the dashboard).
  • To prevent oil from leaking, make sure that the cartridge is securely twisted into the diffuser.
  • Always keep the Car Diffuser in an upright, vertical position. Tilting or inverting the unit will cause oil to spill.
  • When scenting, always place the non-slip mat under your Car Diffuser. This will ensure that it operates correctly and doesn’t move.


To keep your Car Diffuser working properly, please be sure to clean the oil atomizer every time the oil is changed. This can be done by lightly dabbing the oil atomizer with a cotton swab to remove excess oil.

Battery Life & Charging

Always make sure that your Car Diffuser is either connected to the power cord while it is turned on, or that it has proper battery supply. If the battery is low, the scenting function will be stopped and the indicator lights will flicker once. This is to remind you that the battery is low and needs to charge.

Your commute just got more elevated.