Aromatherapy | Scents To Spark Creativity

Aromatherapy | Scents To Spark Creativity

Sometimes us creatives fall into a rut where motivation and inspiration fall flat. These uninspired feelings can linger and build up over time.

Jumpstart your prolific gift with Hotel Collection Scent Collections that spark creativity by incorporating these 3 fragrance profiles! 


Frankincense is rich in sesquiterpenes, a compound that helps deliver oxygen to the brain, helping heal damaged brain cells. It improves brain function and soothes the mind, which creates space in your mind to work on more creative projects.

Desert Rose

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Euphoric by nature, this botanical derivative brings on optimism, confidence, and inspiration. Take a deep breath and get productive. 

Cabana, California Love, & Mystify 


These uplifting essences spark motivation and energy, giving you the boost you need to get creative! Your imagination will literally wake up when immersed in this fragrance profile. Some citrus ingredients used in H.C Scent Collections include bergamot, lemon, orange, and grapefruit. 

24k MagicMy WayMidnight in Paris, & Sweetest Taboo