Aromatherapy | Scents for Me-Time

Aromatherapy | Scents for Me-Time

It's time to drown out all your thoughts and just be.

Quiet me-time can come in many shapes and forms. What we prioritize daily becomes implemented habits and rituals in our lives. Whether we choose to incorporate alone time daily or on the weekends, embrace your solitude and allow it to reset you.

Find Your Zen.

Majority of the Hotel Collection team implements self care at least a few days a week, if not every day. So I decided to ask each member of the team their favorite alone-time routine and which Hotel Collection Scent Collection they choose to incorporate into their "me-time" routine.

Our Team's Favorite Ways to Focus on Themselves:

  1. Wake up early for a quality workout, yoga session, or meditation before heading to work
  2. Embrace the last few minutes of sleep before the world needs you
  3. Focus on nourishing skincare/haircare and internal hydration
  4. Get outdoors: Whether to go on a walk in nature, to garden, play golf, swim, or even window-shop
  5. Head to the nearest sauna or steam room
  6. Listen to podcasts or watch movies/Youtube videos 
  7. Put together your favorite homemade meal, or try out a new recipe
  8. Clean and organize your home
  9. Refresh home energy with frequency music, ethically sourced Palo Santo, and Hotel Collection candles
  10. Creative outlets in all forms: create music, read a book, do your makeup, film & photography, write, paint, draw, scrap-book & collage, or pottery & ceramics

Our Team's Top Scenting Accessories for Alone Time:

What completes your routine? 

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