2022 Winter Decorating Trends

2022 Winter Decorating Trends

When the COVID lockdown first shook the world in 2020, many homeowners gravitated toward soothing neutral tones, while others immersed themselves in uplifting, bright colors. 

We made due with the new world around us and found new ways to enjoy our time and make connections with the world around us.

That was when we began Hotel Collection - to bring that vacation feeling directly to you. We are passionate about providing our customers with a 5-star hotel experience in their home. Whether it be coming home to an enticing fragrance, a relaxing glass of wine, or slipping into a luxe HC robe (hint hint 😉). Our goal is to bring the elegance of a high-end hotel stay to your home across all lifestyle categories. 

This season, warm up your home with organic textiles, lowlights and natural features, to cozy-fy your sanctuary.

My Way Inspired by: The 1 Hotel®, Miami

While we see an awakening of color come into play with the new year, neutral color palettes have still got designer’s in a chokehold. 

Top Searched Colors of 2022:

  • Earth tone furniture like charcoal, camel, taupe, cognac, and rust.
  • Freshen up your walls with a few layers of Terracotta, sage green, earthy clays, and Grey-based blues. Add some old-world charm to your paint with a lime wash.

Sweetest Taboo Inspired by: The Aria Hotel®, Las Vegas

Focal Piece Light Fixtures: 

  • Crystal clear statement chandeliers and LED Under stairs/cabinet/counter light fixtures will continue to rise in popularity this 2022.

Midnight in Paris Inspired by: Hotel Costes®, Paris

Mix of Vintage & New:

  • Mix of the French sophisticated antique look and modern. 
  • Nordic Scandinavian design, which blends minimalism with Bohemian flair.

24K Magic Inspired by: W Hotels®, Brisbane

Embrace Imperfection:

  • Natural and raw wood and organic materials.
  • Artisanal goods that are weathered, vintage, and thrifted.
  • Handmade craftsmanship and pieces made in smaller batches.

My Way Inspired by: The 1 Hotel®, Miami

Keep Spaces Convenient & Cool: 

  • Don’t let cumbersome kitchen appliances clutter your space. Opt. for easy-to-store luxuries, like toasters and air fryers, and only allow your guests to see your best tech like scent diffusers, espresso machines and wine decanters.

Elevate Where You Lounge:

  • Tone on tone fabrics and pillows, with texture variances to create a full dimensional atmosphere.
  • Mix creamy pastel colors and sleek metallics for a futuristic, yet warm and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Make your coffee table a conversation piece with fashion house books, a glass chess board, vase of flowers, candles, and reed diffusers.

California Love Inspired by: Delano Beach Club®

Let Nature Indoors:

  • Potted plants (Mix with heights, variations and species to give dimension) 
  • Translucent curtains that allow light to peek through
  • Water features
  • Table sized Zen garden or Bonsai tree

Mystify Inspired by: Wynn Hotel®, Las Vegas



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