Pyramid Wine Decanter

    Heighten your wine drinking experience with the sleek pyramid-shaped silhouette of a wine decanter. Its distinctive side opening and small interior triangle produce a waterfall effect, giving your wine a breath of fresh air, encouraging aromas and flavors to blossom.

    Cheers to the perfect pour.

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    1. Clean before first use. Hand wash only. 
    2. Always hold the wine bottle from the base, never the neck. This allows for a more steady pour.
    3. Pour the wine slowly into the decanter, without stopping. 
    4. As you near the end of the bottle, check for when the tartrates (The sediment that collects at the bottom of a bottle over time) begin to reach the neck of the bottle. 
    5. Stop pouring once the sediment begins to reach the neck of the bottle. 
    6. Allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle again before pouring more.

    How it Works

    Sleek style for smoother sips. The wide-bottomed decanter increases the wine's surface area, exposing it to more oxygen and speeding up its transformation.

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