Female TikTok Influencer's Favorite Fragrances

    International Women's Day Feature: Meet some of the beautiful, creative, and strong female content creators that Hotel Collection has had the privilege of working with

    Home décor influencer Justine Hundley

    Justine's Favorite Hotel Collection Fragrance - Dream On inspired by: Westin Hotels®

    "I have been so inspired by the community of amazing women that I've met through my social media channels. Women that hold many titles - attorney, teacher, doctor, mother, sister, content creator, and everything in between - and somehow seamlessly integrate all of these roles into their daily lives!

    Being surrounded by all of these women has inspired me to pursue my passion of design, while still balancing (most days 😅) motherhood & being a wife. I am so proud to live in a time when women can truly do & have it all!" - Justine Hundley @thislittlelifewebuilt


    Beauty influencer Maggie Williams

    Maggie's Favorite Hotel Collection Fragrance - My Way inspired by: 1 Hotel®, Miami

    "In my experience being a beauty influencer, all I do is empower women. I love to share new techniques and products that have transformed my own confidence, and hearing that I am able to do the same for others makes it all worth while. I am so fortunate that my passion has been able to help so many women around the world." - Maggie Williams @maggie_williams14

    Lifestyle influencer Samantha Purnell @sammypur

    Samantha's Favorite Hotel Collection Fragrance - My Way inspired by: 1 Hotel®, Miami