How To Keep Your Diffuser Feeling Brand New

How To Keep Your Diffuser Feeling Brand New

The best way to ensure the lifespan of your diffuser, and the quality of its performance, is by maintaining a clean diffuser, as well as the space around it. This will allow for the scent to properly disperse to provide you a #HotelAtHome experience.

Why is my diffuser making noise?

Each of our Scent Diffusers create a slight hum while operating. This is the sound of the motor as the unit disperses a fine fragrance mist to scent your space. 

However, there are several common reasons why a diffuser can sound louder than normal. 

Low oil levels cause the machine to try harder to pull the oil up through the internal mechanisms to properly diffuse it. 

If you notice that the oil bottle is running low, simply refill or replace it. Keep in mind, your diffuser should be cleaned when switching between fragrance oils to ensure optimal performance. This should solve the loud noise if it was caused by a low oil level.  

Keep in mind that running a diffuser on empty or a low oil level, over time, can damage the internal technology. 

Since our diffuser uses an internal fan, the air pressure created by the fan can actually suck back in dust particles, which can block the internal mechanisms slightly and create a louder noise.

If your diffuser is becoming louder with each use, consider cleaning it. Your diffuser should be cleaned every couple of months to ensure optimal performance. 

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Oil buildup along the interior rim of the diffuser, where you secure the oil bottle, can also cause this blockage and increase the motor noise. If the interior has began to clog, you will need to properly clean the diffuser.

This is especially true if you:

    • Live in the city, where there is more pollution that will naturally make its way into your living space  
    • Have a busy house, young children and/or animals, as this will produce more dust inside your home 
    • Frequently leave your windows open, which will bring in pollen and dust from outside 
You, potentially, may have to run alcohol through the machine two or three times, for 15 minute intervals, to properly release any buildup you have acquired over time. 

    Is the pipette inside your diffuser bent?

    This can cause the machine to work harder to try to pull the oil up through the unit to properly disperse it. Ensure the oil pipette is not bent and successfully reaches the bottom of the bottle. You should also securely attach the inner black nozzle to the pipette, located in the top inner cavity of the diffuser. 

    Sometimes, the machine's internal mechanisms may have gotten misaligned while setting up your diffuser.

    If so, please try these steps:

    1. Unplug the diffuser from the power outlet.

    2. Open the unit and inspect the metal prongs on the inside cavity of the device to make sure they are not pushed down, as this will impede the operation of the motor. If they are out of place, simply pop the prong up to restore connectivity.

    3. Make sure there is no debris inside the machine. With a micro-fiber cloth and Q-tips, use rubbing alcohol to remove excess residue, debris, and dust from around the interior and on top of the diffuser where the mist is released.

    4. Reattach the unit and ensure the top/bottom of the unit is aligned and firmly closed.

    5. Hold down the blue button on the remote labeled “35%” for 5 seconds while plugging the diffuser back into the wall outlet. A red light will flash on the diffuser.

    6. Avoid pressing any buttons on the remote for 10 seconds as it takes time for the receiver within the device to reset itself.

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