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A Scent Inspired by the Delano Beach Club® | Notes of Green Tea, Orange, & Lemongrass

California Love 

Rediscover the magic of a day at the beach with the unforgettable combination of sea salt, green tea and lemongrass. Finished with floral jasmine and sweet orange, California Love creates the perfect sun-kissed ambiance indoors. 

The Delano Beach Club® is the epitome of luxury, with whimsical gardens leading you to poolside cabanas and direct access to the Atlantic ocean.

Unfurling a soft yet suggestive accord of fragrances, California Love transports you to calm lapping waves on a blue horizon. Sheer lily and serene jasmine give transparency to the top notes of crisp orange and lemongrass, which are mellowed out by a musk and amber base. Wrapped up in the sweet surrender to blissfully disengage from the world around you.

Discover the airy luminescent aura of California Love as a Reed Diffuser, Deluxe or Classic Candle, or as a Fragrance Oil paired with one of our three Diffusers, scenting spaces up to 400, 800, or 1,800 square feet.